Local Pickleball Hub Manager

About this Opportunity:

This is a freelance position working on behalf of Pickleball Insider. If you and Pickleball Insider agree that there is a fit, you will work as an independent freelancer with Pickleball Insider and you will be responsible for content creation and maintenance for a local pickleball hub. 


The ideal candidate will be able to answer YES to ALL of the following questions. 

  1. Do you play pickleball in your local area? (ok, you don’t have to, but you should!) =)
  2. Do you know your local ambassadors, play for a club and know the local trainers in your area? 
  3. Do you have local knowledge about the best locally owned businesses — the best local eats, local boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, things to do that only the locals would know? 
  4. Do you write well?
  5. Do you pay attention to the details? 
  6. Are you computer savvy? 
  7. Can you pick out excellent photos, save them to a particular size and source the photo? 
  8. Do you want to earn extra cash paid out immediately after completion for a day’s worth of work?
  9. Do you want to make a percentage of sales from all advertising and sponsorships that are sold on the hub you are supporting. 

Responsibilities include: 

Content Creation

Content Creation Explained:

You will be building a Pickleball Hub to include a minimum of the following listings (a more specific list will be provided): 

  1. Public places to play pickleball 1+
  2. Ambassadors 1+
  3. Trainers 1+
  4. Clubs 1+
  5. Restaurants 15+ (including, coffeehouses, breweries, sweet treats)
  6. Places to sleep 4+
  7. Things to do 3+

Minimum listings: 30

The more robust your pickleball hub the better it serves the pickleball community. Thirty (30) listings is the minimum number of listings that are required for hub completion and to be compensated. 

Link to a local Pickleball Hub:



Hub Completion: 

After the completion of your hub (30 listings) you will be compensated a one time payment of via PayPal (or another mutually agreed upon payment). Note: The hub should take approximately 10 hours of work to complete. 

Legal Stuff: 

This is a freelance position and is not a guarantee of employment or the ability to make money beyond the initial . Pickleball Insider can terminate our relationship for any reason at any time. You will be paid for any work that you complete. As a freelancer working independently with Pickleball Insider, you do not retain any rights to your work or the content you provide or produce while working as a freelancer with Pickleball Insider. You are responsible for filing, reporting and paying any state and federal taxes applicable to freelance positions in your state. 

If you have ALL the following skills . . . you just may be a perfect fit and you should email Carolyn Kirsch @ pickleballinsider@gmail.com or call 706-438-2644.