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Our Story

Our Story

As 5.0 level mixed doubles partners, we both have a love for the sport and its community.  Throughout our travels across the southeast, while playing in tournaments, we found ourselves always asking local pickleball players for recommendations for how to best experience the city we were visiting.

Experience Cities Like Locals

When we travel, we want to experience cities like we live there — uncovering the BEST places to play pickleball, delicious places to eat, sweet places to stay and the best things to do on our visit. We want to visit and play like a local.

Locally Curated Content Delivers a Local Experience

With the support of the pickleball community, we are curating local knowledge to deliver pickleball hubs across the US so that anyone visiting has access to this information.

Enter Pickleball Insider — a beautiful & easy to use platform that serves the greater pickleball community with the resources to find the best of the best when they travel so they, too, can visit & play like a local!

Our First Adventure

In July 2019 we launched a pickleball lifestyle clothing and accessory company called Pickleball | Eat. Sleep. Play. Prior to that, we have both worked for small businesses undergoing extreme growth phases, allowing us to take on a number of roles and responsibilities. Through the growth, we have both been key and contributing factors in the development of websites, marketing initiatives, and brand development.

How We Met

On a pickleball court, of course. Short story: I beat him. He won gold. I wrote a note. Ask us about the rest of the story when you see us on the courts . . .

In the mean time, we hope you enjoy Pickleball Insider — our next great adventure within the pickleball community.

Carolyn Kirsch & Tyler Hellmeister



From the best places to play pickleball to pickleball hubs -- we will deliver the INSIDER SCOOP for how to best navigate a city when you travel & more . . .

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