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About Tiffany’s Sweet Spot

Inspired to learn the craft of intricately decorated sugar cookies, my baking journey began. At first only for family and friends, my passion for creating fun, delicious treats quickly grew! Sharing my creations on social media opened the door for orders. I spent the next year mastering techniques, expanding my flavor palate and refining the perfect recipe! Tiffany’s Sweet Spot was born. My husband, Ben, and I opened the doors to our La Quinta storefront in 2012. Initially, the kitchen was meant to fulfill cookie orders, but soon we began offering the occasional cupcake. Due to the incredibly positive response from our customers, we shifted our focus to crafting the perfect cupcake! Our cupcake recipe was so perfect, it earned Tiffany’s a spot on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in 2013. As we enjoy our growing success, we continue to expand our list of enticing sweet treats. We now offer decadent French macarons and sumptuous cinnamon rolls along with our growing number of delicious cupcake flavors and amazing custom cookies. No matter what tops your list of sweet favorites, Tiffany’s is the spot for tasty gourmet treats.

📸 Tiffany’s Sweet Spot