Sandia Peak Tramway

Aerial Tram, Located on Sandia Mountains

About Sandia Peak Tramway

Rising from the hustle and bustle of Albuquerque, you ascend one of America’s most stunning urban peaks, reaching the 10,378-foot crest of the Sandia Mountains where an 11,000 square mile panoramic view awaits. It’s an elevation of the body, mind, and soul in a mere 15 minutes.

But like any meaningful journey, immerse yourself in the experience. Linger a bit to watch the sun and shadows play in the boulders as the city scape begins to twinkle below. Stroll through serene and aromatic fir and aspen forests. Clink glasses as you unwind with warm conversation and a taste of something New Mexico true.

You have arrived in a place all its own, high above the daily grind.

📸 Sandia Peak Tramway