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Safehouse Coffee Roasters is the premier specialty coffeehouse of middle Georgia. Enjoy the finest coffees brewed fresh in Chemex Coffee Makers on state of the art brewing machines. Experience espresso made on Slayer, a one of a kind espresso machine designed to control every aspect of espresso’s flavor and foremost, prepare to be taken care of by Safehouse’s experienced wait staff. Our staff is trained to be conscious of every detail of your stay.

Safehouse Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by ICM-City of Hope, Inc., a faith based not-for-profit 501c3 organization registered with the State of Georgia since 2003. 

At the core of our mission is the belief that we can be a catalyst for positive change in individuals, families, businesses, and communities. Unlike most non-profits, we chose years ago not to merchandise on the story of our mission through the coffee house and roastery, but instead to sell coffee through the time-tested tenets of high quality and sincere personal customer service. Part of this decision to sell the coffee instead of the missional story, is due to the highly private, confidential nature of so much of our ministerial work.

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