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About Pickleball World Tours:

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a USA Jersey across your chest and playing sports on an International stage competing for a Gold Medal with athletes from around the World? Sound like a fantasy from your younger days ;). With Pickleball World Tours your fantasy comes alive!

Since we opened our parent business (STUDENTathleteWorld) in 2009, we’ve taken thousands of youth, high school, and college athletes overseas in many different sports including Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Wrestling, and more. We’ve worked with NCAA D1 universities, foreign governments, and we have partners all around the World.

Our tours combine the thrill of International athletic competition with the many benefits of foreign travel. You can read more about our mission and purpose below. Our trips have always catered to parents and family of our athletes, so we are excited to announce our first ADULT sports tour experiences, Pickleball World Tours! Open to Pickleballers of all skill levels and all ages, our trips are all-inclusive vacation and sporting experiences unlike anything you’ve ever done. We’ll compete in an amazing International Pickleball Tournaments and participate in pickleball clinics and trainings from some of the best teachers in the World. But that’s just half of what we do. We specialize in providing authentic and cultural experiences. We don’t just book hotels, we build fully customized action-packed travel experiences. Our tours pack together sightseeing, adventure travel, fun, nightlife, shopping, culture, friendship, food, and so much more!

Group travel, when done right, is an amazing experience. Our goal is to always do it right. We truly believe that our tours help make a difference in the lives of our guests and help make the World a better place. Thank you for giving us a chance to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

Tim Ryerson, Founder Pickleball World Tours:

Tim Ryerson, is the founder of Pickleball World Tours. While I’m new to Pickleball, I’ve been doing International Sports Tours personally since 2005.

Travel has always been something that excites me. Leadership development and personal growth through travel is something I’m very passionate about.

I’m committed to making your travel experience an amazing one. If you have questions, I’m here for you anytime.I can’t wait to see you on the (International) courts!

💌: tim@studentathleteworld.com

☎️:(984) 225-1040

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