Pickleball Rocks

Pickleball Rocks worldwide as the sport of pickleball continues to grow at a record pace!

About Pickleball Rocks

The Pickleball Rocks journey has been fun and interesting. In late 2008, I launched our first website,, and became a paddle distributor for Pro-Lite Sports. In 2009, we were looking for ways to bring attention to pickleball in and around Brookville, Indiana.

In a brainstorming session, we came up with the phrase Pickleball Rocks. We believed this would lead to conversation about pickleball.  We ironed the phrase on a few white cotton tshirts and began to wear them.

Soon people were asking us where we got our shirts, so of course we found an answer.  We trademarked the now famous phrase, Pickleball Rocks, and the apparel brand was launched.  Today the Pickleball Rocks apparel line is the world’s largest pickleball apparel brand and is worn internationally with a portion of every sale going towards the growth of pickleball.

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