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Pickleball is fun. Your paddle should be too!

Pickleball is fun. Your paddle should be too.

At Palms-O-Aces, we create high quality pickleball equipment with attention to style for all players from the weekend enthusiast to the serious competitor. We offer great looking pickleball paddles and paddle covers without sacrificing quality.

About Palms-O-Aces

My name is Lisa and I am the founder of Palms-O-Aces, a pickleball company keeping it fun.  I grew up and currently reside in the PNW. Although I love warm tropical vacations, I don’t see myself ever leaving home. I’m a lover of family, fitness, fun and a really great song at full blast. ⁠
Why pickleball? Pickleball leans into all my favorites. I can play with my young kids, my friends and my parents. Pickleball is fun, provides a good sweat and music is often playing, just maybe not to the same decimal as when I am in my car. ⁠

Pickleball is inclusive, and the communities it builds from just having a good time on the court are strong. I hope to learn more about you, your love of pickleball and grow this community. ⁠




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