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Marcus Luke Claimed

5.0/5 11 Reviews Add Review

About Marcus Luke

After 20+ years of playing high level tennis on both the junior and collegiate levels and having taught at some of the most prestigious clubs in North Carolina, Marcus traded his tennis racquet for a Pickleball paddle and now travels across the country teaching and sharing his love for the game.

A 5.0+ level player that competes on the Senior Professional Tour, Marcus has medaled in over 80 tournaments on the local, Regional and National level, including a Silver and Bronze at the US Open.

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11 Reviews for Marcus Luke

kurtreid 1 Reviews
Excellent instructor

Having played PB for a year I knew there were gaps in my game that I needed help with to get to the next level… my first lesson with Marcus was a huge help. With his vast experience and knowledge he quickly pointed out several key points that I needed to fix. The improvement was immediate during the lesson. The next day I played a competitive game with some peers and the areas that Marcus worked with me on were much much improved and I played with confidence that I had never had before. Marcus is top notch… he has the experience, knowledge, analytical ability, and communication skills to help players make immediate and sustainable improvements – and he is one heck of a nice guy to boot!! Kurt Reid

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Tiffany 1 Reviews
Marcus is a smart, encouraging, and engaging coach.

I’ve loved taking lessons from Marcus! He quickly identified a few things I needed to adjust, which improved my game right away. My lessons are always challenging, fun, and FULL of great instruction! Whether it’s footwork, court position, ball placement, paddle speed and recovery, resets, doubles strategy, etc, Marcus is great at teaching through explanation, demonstration, and drills. I feel really fortunate to be able to follow my lessons with rec play with and against Marcus at our local park. He is a natural teacher, who happily offers pointers to anyone who asks. He plays down, obviously, but everyone really wants to play their best game when Marcus is on the court! He makes us all better players!

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Nellie 1 Reviews
Game Changer!

I’d been playing pickleball about two years and was getting frustrated and stuck in my game. Marcus identified a couple of things to correct and it’s been a literal game changer for me. He has a way of communicating that is easily understood and relatable and always with patience and good humor.. His practical and effective tips and strategies have elevated not only my game, but players of all levels at our local courts!! Great instructor and guy!

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Sunshine 1 Reviews
It was always an awesome experience to be in one of Marcus Luke’s clinics😄

I found Pickleball in Florida 8 years ago, never heard of that game, but I was addicted day one there in Florida, called my local Rec and told them I was bringing 6 new paddles and balls I had purchased from pro that I had just taken a clinic from,. At the Rec they had purchased 3 nets, and the rest is history. Marcus cane to Archdale and did a clinic.. Pickleball is like having an extended family. Love him and his precious wife❤️❤️❤️🎄😇😎

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Arlen R. 1 Reviews
Marcus is an excellent coach, his Pickleball lessons will take your skillset to the next level and are fun.

One of my friends and I started playing pickleball this past April, we decided to take lessons with Marcus to advance our skills. Marcus is a patient and supportive trainer. He explains the subject well with humor and kindness. He provides great drills and is excellent at explaining the different aspects of the game. His demonstration of techniques is easy to follow. He encourages questions and covers all aspects of Pickleball. His expertise and valued experience help him analyze your game skills and provide the corrections or positive re-enforcement needed to improve your game. Thank you, Arlen R.

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Bob Burns 1 Reviews
Strategy, execution and attitude. Marcus delivers.

I met Marcus at Gateway a few years ago and soon started taking lessons with him. In the ensuing years Marcus’s always been available with impactful instruction and advice. If you’re looking to improve your mechanics, strategy, and the psychology of playing, Marcus is a great resource.

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Lisa M. 1 Reviews
Didn't want the weekend to be over!

I had the pleasure of meeting Marcus while attending a Nike Pickleball Clinic. At the time I was new to pickleball and came from a strong tennis background. This means I have a big swing…Marcus never gave up on me. He was patient and consistent in reminding me that I was no longer on the tennis court. Since that clinic I have taken additional lessons and attended other clinics. Marcus is still my favorite teacher. I like how he can dissect a players form and provide positive input to help them improve their game, and make you feel good about it at the same time.

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BS 1 Reviews
Hit the middle

Marcus is a great pb instructor — complimentary where deserving and respectful in offering changes where needed. Highly recommend his teaching. Have had several hours with him & def scheduling more.

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Donnie 1 Reviews
Great experience!

My wife and I have taken a couple of lessons from Marcus. We have both gained great insight on mechanics and how the game should be played. Highly recommend him for anyone on any level. Overall great guy and coach!!

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Weve 1 Reviews

My recommendation is to sign up with Marcus, immediately. The lessons are fun, helpful and addictive! Marcus helped me advance my game right away, and kept my phone ringing. Thanks, Marcus!

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Kathy 1 Reviews
So fortunate to be able to take awesome lessons from Marcus!

s to say about Marcus’ teaching. First, he inconspicuously watched our play and already knew what we needed to work on before we began. He explains what needs to be done and is very patient, repeating several times if necessary. My game improved and I am excited for my next lesson. This is so much better than virtual lessons for me because I got immediate feedback and Marcus took extra time to help make a plan on how to work on the strategies and mechanics that he taught.

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