About Destination Pickleball

Growing up in Washington state, James was introduced to Pickleball at a young age. He played off and on for many years, usually on friends’ backyard “sportcourts”, but really got into it when he became a PE teacher and had to teach a unit on paddle sports. During winter vacation that year he searched and found a recreation center where people were playing. He went every day that they had open play, and every day during spring break and then summer vacation. He was hooked.

After 12 years of teaching James became the Athletic Director for the city of Glenwood Springs, CO; a job that put his planning skills to use. While there he organized all sporting events and leagues, promoted sports tourism for the town and planned and directed numerous tournaments. It was a job he thoroughly enjoyed until, seven years later, life took him to Mexico where he now plans vacations to exotic/tropical destinations for the Pickleball enthusiast.Kim, who is also a former teacher, has learned about Pickleball via osmosis. Being married to James she is constantly surrounded by talk of the game and is the often the cheerleader on the sidelines. She plays, badly, and only for fun. She does, however, love to travel and entertain which makes her the perfect partner for Destination Pickleball.

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