About C&D Pickleball

My name is Cammy MacGregor, I am currently a tennis instructor and Pickleball Pro at Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, CA.

My background: Most of my life has been spent on courts. I turned pro right out of high school and played on the professional tennis tour for over 10 years. Since then, I have been teaching tennis full time as well as teaching Pickleball for the past few years.  I currently play Pickleball at the highest level and have won multiple State, National and US Open Championships.

I believe this is important for you to know, so you realize I have played Pickleball at many different venues across the country. This hands on experience playing on all kinds of Pickleball Nets, has given me the education and knowledge to talk about what makes a high quality net system.

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“I am a player just like you who wanted a better net, so we built it!”     – Cammy MacGregor


We wanted a net system that could be left assembled outdoors, durable to our elements near the beach with little maintenance required.  It had to be rollable and strong enough to tension a heavy weight permanent net, so it plays just like the permanent courts. Upon completing our research and talking with clubs across the country we found there wasn’t a net system available that met our needs.

So, we decided build our own high quality permanent rollable net system. It took us almost 2 years to design, development and test what we believe is the best “Pickleball Net System” on the market. It suits our clubs needs as well as anyone else who needs an Indoor/Outdoor Rollable or Flat-based Pickleball Net System that you can wheel on and off the court very easily.

They are designed to be left assembled, indoors or outdoors. Simply rolled or carried to the side of your court when the space is needed in a matter of minutes. We designed our nets with multi-purpose courts in mind.

C & D’s Pickleball Net Systems are the perfect choice for clubs who have multi-purpose courts, but still desire a great looking, low maintenance net system that performs just like the solid permanent in-ground systems we all enjoy playing on.

We also have designed a non-rollable base version for those who do not need to move their nets often but do not want to drill holes and put in permanent net posts.

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