About Brian Capitani

Brian grew up on the east coast and started playing tennis at the age of 8.  By the time he was 12, Brian was being recruited to Florida to train for a potential professional future in the sport.  As a high school player, he amassed an impressive record, going undefeated for two consecutive seasons.  Unfortunately, injuries prevented brian from going any further in the sport he loved.  In college, brian discovered the two other loves of his life:  teaching and his wife, Sheri.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in education and taught 7th and 8th grade English.  

Life brought Brian and Sheri to bend in 1998 and he began a 20-year career at Crosswater Golf Course. It was also during that time that he rediscovered tennis after not playing for over a decade.  Brian quickly became a 5.0 rated player and competed for doubles and mixed doubles championships.  More recently, Brian was introduced to pickleball and fell in love with the game.  However, his true love for the game lies in teaching.  He loves working with players of all abilities and relishes the opportunity to help them reach their full potential.

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