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Places to Play

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If you are truly a pickleball addict, you seek out people and places to play wherever you travel.

It’s amazing how a picture of a pickleball court elicits such emotion, and you just can’t wait to go visit so your feet can hit the courts. Yeah – that’s a thing. See that court? That one in the picture . . . you want to go play there right now, don’t you? Well, you can!

Couple beautiful pickleball courts with awesome pickleball players (not skill as much as awesome people), and you’ve hit the pickleball jackpot!

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Pickleballers from all walks of life, skill levels, and ages are trying to get better at pickleball. Sometimes it’s because we want to be able to play on a “better court” or win more golds instead of silver in tournaments. Sometimes it’s just to fine tune something that we just can’t seem to figure out on our own…

Enter pickleball lessons and trainers across the US. From trainers and lessons focused on the beginner pickleball player to lessons with the pros — you can find it all here!

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Mark Price

Mark Price, Rome, GA

John Hall, Hiawassee, GA


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Pickleball ambassadors around the country tirelessly serve the pickleball community. Every ambassador has a story to tell and we want to share their story with you, the pickleball community.

Why do they play pickleball? What is their favorite rule or what rule would they change if they had special powers? What is their favorite pickleball memory AND do they have any words of wisdom to share with the pickleball world?

Do you know the ambassadors serving your local community?

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Pickleball Clubs provide many pickleball players an organized way to enjoy exercise, fun, camaraderie, competition as well as become a part of their social circle.

Clubs are an essential in growing this beautiful sport that we all love. How many times have you witnessed newbies walking onto the pickleball court and, without fail, someone from the local club will engage with the beginners and either teach them the basics and or point them to the club website to find out about the club and, often times, free beginner clinics to help them get acclimated to pickleball.

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Oahu Pickleball Association, Oahu, Hawaii